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Candidates 2018

2018 Student Government Elections

Spring 2018 Election Results

Below are the spring 2018 Student Government election results for the President and Vice President positions.




Brooklyn Boreing = 3754 (52%)

Elijah Miller = 3087 (43%)

Preston Nieves = 194 (2%)


Vice President


Ruben Becerra = 3650 (51%)

Emari Shelvin = 3057 (42%)

Christian Sears = 227 (3%)


The full results will be posted on Monday, February 26, 2018.

Name Position Sought Major Statement
Brooklyn Boreing President Public Relations I wish to represent all Bobcats by giving a voice to each and every Texas State Student.

Ruben Becerra Vice-President Finance I am running to be a voice for all Bobcats.

Elijah Miller President Criminal Justice It's with great excitement that I announce my bid for President on the basis of productivity, advocacy, and most importantly, transparency. Go Bobcats!
Emari Shelvin Vice-President Nursing Minor: Spanish I am looking forward to another great year in the Senate.

Preston Nieves President Political Science. Minor: International Studies We always need servant leadership. People who build consensus, solve problems, protect freedom, and work tirelessly to improve the lives of others.

Christian Sears Vice-President Political Science Hi, my name is Christian Sears. I am a political science major at Texas State University. I plan on running to make a difference.

Thomas Plunkett Senator, At-Large (1 year term) Pre-Physical Therapy I want to be part of something bigger than myself and to be a voice for all greek life and Bobcats.

Akosua Asare Senator, At-Large (2 year term) Public Relations I am running to fill a gap in student government. I want to better represent underrepresented and unheard students of color at Texas State University.

Alexa Browning Senator, At-Large (2 year term) Criminal Justice I believe that the student body deserves to have a stronger, more thoroughly represented voice in the Senate

Nicolis Cantu Senator, At-Large (2 year term) Psychology and Criminal Justice I think being apart of student government will help me provide a bigger voice for those in our campus.

Ana De Loza Senator, At-Large (2 year term) Political Science I will work hard to help the underrepresented voices of Texas State students be heard and bring forth solutions to their problems.

Tabetha Gonzales Senator, At-Large (2 year term) Biology . I want to help be a voice for my peers and create a place for constructive debate, compromise, and unity among the Texas State Campus .

Kyler Hawkins Senator, At-Large (2 year term) Finance I, Kyler Hawkins, will uphold and do my part to represent the student body by instilling Texas State's key values.

Kolten Johnson Senator, At-Large (2 year term) Political Science Fostering an environment for the free expression of ideas and eliminating unnecessary roadblocks to collegiate success.

Torpey Kelly Senator, At-Large (2 year term) Political Science I want to hold a senate position on Texas State's student government, because i would like to make a difference on our campus.
Madison McDonald Senator, At-Large (2 year term) Political Science I want to run for re-election to make sure stents are continuing to be properly represented. I also want to see through legislation that i have written and passed. I humbly ask for your vote.

Reginald Pettus Senator, At-Large (2 year term) Communication Studies I hope to unite both sides of the political isle. No more split decisions and dry debates. It must be changed.

Stormi Rodriguez Senator, At-Large (2 year term) Political Science and Communication Studies I want to represent the student body and its best interests in student government once again to ensure that the students' voices are being heard.

Jourdan Spence Senator, At-Large (2 year term) Political Science I'm a hard-working and responsible student and while we attend a great institution I believe that together we can solve our University problems.

Kyle Thompson Senator, At-Large (2 year term) Political Science I'm running for Senate with one goal in mind: to ensure that the rights of all students shall never be infringed or taken away for any reason, ever.

James Tichy Senator, At-Large (2 year term) Anthropology and Public Administration My goal as student senator is to encourage excellence as well as augment the core institutions of our University.

Meghan Busby Senator, College of Fine Arts and Communication (2 year term) Dance Education I am organized, dedicated, and would like to make a difference in our community and campus by working with other students

Claudia Gasponi Senator, University College (2 year term) General Studies In my next term as Senator, I will continue to bring in and amplify the needs of Texas State's underrepresented students into our student government.

Matthew Gonzales Senator, College of Science and Engineering (2 year term) Physics As senator, I'll bring opportunities to the students and organizations of the College of Science and Engineering that'll better our education and future.

Christopher Mack Senator, College of Applied Arts (2 year term) Criminal Justice As an out-of-state student, I'm able to empathize with those who feel homesickness. I work well with others and can see multiple viewpoints.

Christopher Noble Senator, College of Health Professions (2 year term) Healthcare Administration I'm interested in running for student government because i wanna be as involved as possible around campus!

Megan O'Shea Senator, College of Applied Arts (1 year term) Fashion Merchandising Im running for the student senate because i want to make a difference on campus and be a voice for the Greek Organizations and all the good they do.

Zac Shimp Senator, McCoy College of Business Administration (1 year term) Finance I, Zac Shimp, would like to represent my fellow business students as well as the Greek community as a senator by upholding Texas State's key values.