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The Election Board

Operating Memorandums and Advisory Opinions

NOTICE: The Election Board Operating Memoradum provides an outline for the classification of specific violations and the procedures to be followed for all election related issues. Please referance the memo and the Election Code for guidance on any rules questions.

Confidential Election Code Violation Form:

For fast and transparent proccesing of any accused violaiton of the Election Code, University Policy and Porcedures, Student Involvement rules and regulations or other election rules, please fill out the form below. Please provide as much information as possible. By providing these details, witnesses, dates, times and other important information, you will help to resolve any concern quickly and as justly as possible. While we are asking for your name and email, we will keep this information confidential.
The Election Commission will keep files related to this form confidential. You may receive a follow up email with additional questions to help process your claim.
Any urgent issues may be resolved by contacting the Election Board Chair Adrian Cooper directly at (a_c676)

Confidential Election Code Violation Report Form

Appealing Election Board Decisions

If youd like to appeal an Election Board decision please contact Supreme Court Chief John Garcia at

Expense Report Form

All original expenses or discounts must be recorded on the Expense Report Form and must have a receipt, invoice or other documentation associated with its cost and payment. Receipts must be individually taped, flat, on a blank sheet of white paper, and numbered corresponding to the line it is associated with on the Expense Report Form. A brief description of the cost must be on the top center of the page, corresponding to what is on the Expense Report Form. The date of the purchases must be on the top right, the name of the purchaser on the top left. The signature of the purchaser must be affixed to the bottom center of the page.

All receipts, invoices, and documentation along with the Expense Report Form must be turned into the Dean of Students Office in a 8½ in. x 11 in. manila envelope with the candidate’s name and title “Expense Report Form” on the front.

Expense Report Deadlines are as follows:

1st Deadline: January 24 by 4:30PM

2nd Deadline: February 3 at 4:30 PM

3rd Deadline: Feburary 24 at 5:00 PM



Request for Interpretation

If you have any questions about the Election Code, Operating Memorandum, or other election related rules and regulations, please submit them to the Election Board using the Request for Interpretation form.

Election Board Orders and Opinions

These documents outline orders issued by the Election Board in order to comply with election regulations or to impose sanction against any person who has violated election rules and regulations.

Election Board Contacts:

Questions or concerns? Please contact the Election Board or the Dean of Students Office:

Dean of Students Office at (512)245-2124 or the Election Board Chair Adrian Cooper directly at (a_c676)