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From the President's Desk

A Letter to the Students Concerning Legislation to Hire an Immigration Attorney

My fellow Bobcats,

After hearing the accounts of the students who attended our Student Government meeting yesterday evening, we as an administration and as a body have recognized the need to move forward with an actionable solution. We heard the fear, the pain, and the confusion felt by many of our fellow students and we saw too the anguish which characterized many of their faces. That is why we believe that those students not only need, but deserve to feel as though their Student Government hears them, cares for them, and will listen to them. At the end of the day, my role as your president is to do just that and then go one step further. I have a responsibility to enact the policies that will make students know that I care about them. And I do; I care about every student who made the wonderful decision to attend this university and that care knows no distinction between race, gender, ethnicity, immigrant status or nationality.

 For that reason, moving forward, listening to your stories and hearing your concerns, I will be chartering the Student Government Subcommittee on Serving International and Immigrant Students which will be tasked with the august responsibility of working together towards a practical and tangible solution to the concerns we all share. Actionable solutions, which will be the goal of this subcommittee, will work towards recommitting this body – your body -  to our singular purpose of “Students Serving Students”.

President Johnson said once that “there are no problems we cannot solve together, and very few we can solve by ourselves.” With this wisdom informing our minds and prudence guiding our hearts, we believe that this will be an important first step towards achieving the unity which we all must desire in these times of strife.

Humbly yours,

Connor Clegg

Student Body President