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Student Body Vice President

Student Body Vice President's Welcome

Samantha A. Martinez
Student Body Vice President - Samantha A. Martinez

Welcome Bobcats,

     I am excited to represent the students as your Student Body Vice President. I look forward to working alongside the members of Student Government and administration to fulfill our duties as representatives. I believe every student has something valuable to contribute to this university and that this student body will make a difference.

     This year under the Homann-Martinez administration, we plan to dedicate ourselves to serving the students and community. We hope to make the environment and community of the school safer, connected and well maintained. As Student Body Vice President, my goal is to make sure the voices of the students are heard. I plan to lead our Senate to represent the students with the integrity to carry out those voices and to make sure the Student Government program succeeds any endeavors one reaches toward.  

     I am a strong believer in school pride, and I encourage you all to learn all the traditions of Texas State such as our Alma Mater.  Your experience as a Bobcat could not be what it is without the many traditions that we have here. My journey as a student representative began in Freshman Council. I eventually was elected Senator At Large, selected Chief of Staff and am now your Vice President, and it has been an amazing experience filled with opportunity. Your involvement will ultimately make your experience at Texas State even greater by joining an organization or taking part in some of our biggest traditions on campus.

     The Student Government Senate meets every Monday night at 7:00pm in the LBJ Teaching Theater and they are open to the public. In addition, I invite everyone to share their opinions and concerns with us so that we can ensure a strong community. 

     Together, we can continue the legacy and make a lasting impact on our University. Never be afraid to challenge what is and what could be. I truly hope to bring those visions to reality. 



We must open the doors of opportunity. But we must also equip our people to walk through those doors.

~President Lyndon B. Johnson

Eat Em’ Up Cats!

Samantha A. Martinez

Phone: 512-245-3466


LBJ Student center Ste. 4-5.1