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Graduate Student Events Advisory Subcommittee

The Graduate House of Representatives for Texas State University is looking for candidates who are willing to serve as members of the Graduate Student Events Advisory Subcommittee. This is a subcommittee of the Graduate House that acts as an advisory group for the planning of Graduate Student Appreciation Week, the 3MT competition, and other events. The subcommittee will meet 2-3 times in the fall semester and 2-3 times in the spring semester. By participating in this subcommittee, you will be providing a service to the university – and graduate students in particular – and will gain experience in planning university functions. Join us for a rewarding experience!

Candidates interested in applying for a seat on this committee should provide evidence of the following qualifications:

Required Qualifications

  1. Candidate is a currently enrolled graduate student, Masters or Doctoral, at Texas State.
  2. Candidate has an interest in graduate student events and initiatives.
  3. Candidate must be able to attend the subcommittee meetings.

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Candidate participates in, or has interest in participating in, one or more campus or community clubs or activities.
  2. Candidate is committed to serving for a term of at least one academic year.

If you have any questions regarding this committee and/or application, please contact us at:

Please Note:

If you wish to apply, click the button below. Application deadline is Sunday, November 5, 2017 at 11:59 pm.