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The Round Table is an event hosted by Student Government and has members from all the important services in attendance including President Trauth, the provost, Chartwells management, transportation services, university police, the health center, and athletics.
Our most recent list of confirmed guest is as follows: 
Dr. Denise Trauth, Texas State University President
Dr. Eugene Bourgeois, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Joanne Smith, Vice President for Student Affairs
Dr. Margarita Arellano, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Ms. Nancy Nusbaum, Associate Vice President for Finance and Support Services
Dr. Andrea Golato, Dean of the Graduate College
Dr. Larry Teis, Athletics
Mr. Don Coryell, Athletics
Mr. Bryan Miller, Athletics
Mr. John Streicher, Athletics (football operations)
Ms. Shannon Fitzpatrick, Attorney for Students
Mr. John Root, Auxiliary Services
Mr. Chin-Hong Chua, Chartwells 
Mr. Steven Granados, Chartwells
Mr. Kyle Estes, Housing and Residential Life
Mr. Jack Rahmann, LBJ Student Center
Mr. Steve Prentice, Parking Services
Mr. Steve Herrera, Transportation & Parking
Dr. Emilio Carranco, Student Health Center

Bobcats United: Fall 2016 Round Table

In 2016 the semi-annual Round Table event became part of the Bobcats United Town Hall Series. Pictures from the Bobcats United: Fall 2016 Roundtable can be seen below and more information can be seen under the Bobcats United tab.