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Senate Committees

Academic Affairs

This committee’s charge is to focus on avenues to advance the university’s academics. This year’s administration has placed a huge importance on academic excellence and will have numerous opportunities for members of this committee to help with executive initiatives.

Health and Safety

This committee aims to ensure the health and safety of Texas State students. This year's administration has emphasized the importance of lighting around campus, as well as worked on the safety of pedestrians on all parts of campus.

Pride and Traditions

The goal of this committee is to spread pride for the traditions at Texas State and continue to emphasize the spirit on campus. The committee encourages students to get involved and participate in our many traditions. The members work to promote spirit by writing legislation to become effective.

Student Services

This committee shall review all legislation cornering student service at Texas State including but not limited to: Career Services, Counseling Services, Food Services, and Auxiliary Services and shall recommend action upon all potential student service issues concerning the students of Texas State to the Senate.