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Cabinet Name Email
Director of Programs and Marketing Colton Duncan
Director of Student Services Cutter Gonzalez
Director of Finance Moira Plowey
Director of Government Affairs Katlyn Shull
Director of Freshman Leadership Mason McKie
Senate Pro Tempore Lindsay Escalante
Chief Justice John Garcia
Graduate House Leader Joni Schneider
College Representatives Name Email
McCoy A Gregory Drews
McCoy B Alex Sherman
Fine Arts & Comm A Jacqueline Merritt
Fine Arts & Comm B Vacant Apply Today!
Liberal Arts A Vacant Apply Today!
Liberal Arts B Alyssa Aguilera
Applied Arts A Richard Roberts
Applied Arts B Bryan Mares
Health Professions A Vacant Apply Today!
Health Professions B Emari Shelvin
Science and Engineering A Joseph Sikazwe
Science and Engineering B Vacant Apply Today!
Education A Vacant Apply Today!
Education B Vacant Apply Today!
University A Gabe Schrade
University B Vacant Apply Today!
At-Large Name Email
A1 Connor Staton
A5 Andrew Gonzalez
A9 Vacant Apply Today!
A11 Vacant Apply Today!
A13 Vacant Apply Today!
A17 Laycen Watson
A19 Sarah Miranda
A21 Kyle Thomason
A23 Vacant Apply Today!
A25 Alberto Aguilera
A27 Vacant Apply Today!
A29 Samuel Ragan
B2 Kaitlin Evans
B4 Skyler Loosmore
B10 Jisselle Martinez Turquie
B14 Alexander Molina
B16 Mariana Zamora
B18 Elizabeth Peterson
B20 Madison McDonald
B22 Madison Prestwood
B24 Elijah Miller
B26 Alec Garza
B28 Margaret Shivers