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Candidates 2019

2019 Student Government Elections

Name Position Sought Major Statement
Corey Benbow President Interdisciplinary Studies Greetings Fellow Bobcats! My name is Corey Benbow; I am running for the privilege of serving as your SGA President. #BobcatsBetter Together
Tucker Thompson Vice President Political Sience Hello Fellow Bobcats! My name is Tucker Thompson, and I am running to serve as your Student Government Vice President. #BobcatsBetter Together
Thomas "Alex" Plunkett President International Studies My name is Alex Plunkett, and I am running for Student Body President. My goal is to restore Texas State Bobcat Pride.
Kelly Torpey Vice President Political Science My name is Kelly Torpey and I am running for Student Body Vice President in an executive alliance with Alex Plunkett.
David Moncada Senator, At-Large (1 year term) Political Science I am David Moncada and I want to help keep Texas State the beautiful campus that attracted me to become a student in the first place.
Jules Perrodin Senator, At-Large (1 year term) Political Science Being a senator will me and other senators fill the gaps that are needed and improve on what already stands.
Collin Thigpen Senator, At-Large (1 year term) Criminal Justice I believe I exemplify the characteristics of of a student Senator and am able to bring insight/different perspectives to the table
Jacob Cleveland Senator, At-Large (2 year term) Psychology I have decided to run for Senate so that I may take steps towards providing our student body with a government that is compassionate and transparent
Andrew Florence Senator, At-Large(2 year term) Business Management While being a part of Texas State’s Student Government, I plan on playing a role in making the community and Texas State a better place
Cody DeSalvo Senator, College of Applied Arts Interdisciplinary Studies  
Marin Marliza Senator, College of Liberal Arts Psychology Becoming a member of Texas State's Student Government will enhance my skills as a leader by utilizing my strengths to benefit my communit
Samuel "Trevor" Newman Senator, At-Large (2 year term) Public Administration Trevor Newman was appointed as a Senator-At-Large during the 2018-2019 school year, and is now running for another term to work on behalf of the students of Texas State University.
Brittlin Richardson Senator, College of Liberal Arts Anthropology Fellow Bobcats, I am extremely passionate about Texas State and the students
Chandan Howlader Senator, College of Science and Engineering Material Science, Engineering, and Commercialization I have previous experience of directly working with several student organizations including student government, Univesity of Manitoba, Canada
Rica Angela Llaga Senator, At-Large (1year) Liberal Arts Our student government should represent and reflect the diversity of our school’s population, their interests, and accurately voice their concerns