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Spring 2020 Student Referendum Student Government Constitution Amendment

Background: A Taskforce of students, faculty, and staff met during the summer 2018 and fall 2018 to discuss how to improve the Student Government of Texas State University by focusing on three key areas: 1) to foster inclusion of underrepresented student voices, 2) to enhance ethical standards in the organization, and 3) to increase transparency and accountability. The Task force decided a complete overhaul of the current constitution was both approprite and beneficial

Proposed Student Government Constitution

This proposed constitution seeks to reform all components of Student Government in accordance with recommendations from the Student Government Task Force and additional amendments by the Student Senate during their deliberations before approval of this document (C.A. 2019-2020.1 “The Constitutional Overhaul and Student Government Reform Act of 2019”). It reaffirms Student Government as the primary forum for student opinion and the voice of students to the Texas State University administration.

Major Constitutional Changes

The Student Government Constitution has been completely revised with both major and minor changes. A list of the changes that will have the most substantial impact on students and their representatives is provided below.

1. A nondiscrimination statement based on race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression has been added.

2. A section on membership ethics and responsibilities outlining a constitutional obligation to high ethical standards of conduct.

3. There are now 12 Senators who are appointed by student organizations that traditionally have been underrepresented in Student Government.

4. Candidate “Alliance” now must include the Student Body President, Vice President, and at least three Senatorial candidates and requires Alliances to publish a written campaign agenda.

5. Introduces a new “exploratory” period in November, where potential candidates for the Student Government can recruit and explore the option of running for office more openly and transparently.

6. Prohibits membership in more than one branch of Student Government, including members of the Student Body President’s cabinet. Senators can no longer serve on the Student Body President’s Cabinet.

7. Removes the Supreme Court Chief Justice from the Student Body President’s Cabinet.

8. Updates and clarifies the impeachment process for the Student Body President and Vice President.

9. Adds accountability to Senate and House positions by streamlining the removal process for both positions.

10. Permits the Senate and House to replace the Student Body Vice President as Chair of those assemblies.

Student Government passed legislation creating Proposed Constitution : Student Government passed legislation creating Proposed Constitution (DOCX, 93 KB)
Student Government Constitution changes index : Student Government Constitution changes index (DOCX, 49 KB)