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Supreme Court Justices

Chief Justice: Brent Bauer

Brent Bauer was appointed by former President Connor Clegg to the Graduate Associate Justice position on the Student Government Supreme Court. Brent is pursuing his Master's Degree in Legal Studies and works as a civil law paralegal in Austin.

Associate Justice: Mason McKie

Mason McKie currently is political science senior. His involvement in Student Government has been extensive by serving as a Senator-At-Large, a cabinet member for the Homann-Martinez administration, and now as a Associate Justice for the Supreme Court. By serving nearly three years in the Executive and Legislative branches, Mason has extensive knowledge of the innermost workings of Student Government, including the Code and Constitution.

Associate Justice: Ashlyn Scott

Ashlyn Scott was appointed by Former President Connor Clegg in 2018. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Texas State University and is now a graduate student in the Master of Arts in Legal Studies program.

Associate Justice: Ileana Figueroa

Biography to come shortly.

Associate Justice: William Frank-Cadoree

Biography to come shortly.

Associate Justice: Travis R. Walker

Biography to come shortly.