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Committee for Diversity + Inclusion

The Committee for Diversity & Inclusion (CDI) is a subcommittee of the Graduate House that focuses on issues of equality and social justice on our campus and within the community at large. This committee is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for Texas State students to participate in social impact projects as well as implement actions. The CDI shall review all legislation regarding issues of student diversity and inclusion including, but not limited to, programs, activities, and initiatives. The CDI shall also serve as a valuable resource to the Graduate House on all matters associated with student diversity and inclusion. Being part of this community allows one to make positive changes within campus life. Everyone is welcome at our meetings — we believe that all ideas matter.

If you want to make an impact on the community attend one of our meetings.

Fall 2018 Meeting Schedule

11:30-12:30   Friday, August 31st   ASBN 450A

11:30-12:30   Friday, September 14th   ASBN 450A

11:30-12:30   Friday, September 28th   JCK 460

11:30-12:30   Friday, October 12th   JCK 460

11:30-12:30   Friday, October 26th   JCK 460

11:30-12:30   Friday, November 9th   JCK 460

11:30-12:30   Friday, November 30th   JCK 460

If you have any questions regarding this committee please contact Thi or Lorraine.