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The Cabinet

The Cabinet of Student Government has the task of ensuring bills passed by the House and Senate are executed and Resolutions forwarded to the appropriate university departments, while using their power as the heads of Student Government to work to see the legislation's goals are accomplished. Further, the Student Body President and Student Body Vice President act as official representatives of the Texas State student body at ceremonial functions and represent the student interest to the university administration. The Student Body President is constitutionally required to nominate students to cabinet and courts within Student Government and appoints students to vacant seats on various university committees while upholding and enforcing all rules set forth in the Student Government Constitution and the Student Government Code. The Student Body Vice President coordinates and chairs the Senate and House and is charged with maintaining order in the Senate and Graduate House while working with Committee Chairs, the Senate Pro Tempore, and House Leader to achieve their legislative goals.

The composition of the Cabinet includes: The President, The Vice President, The Chief of Staff, The Senate Pro Tempore, the Graduate House Leader, Chief Justice, and the Commission Directors.