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The Commission Directors

The following Commissions have been established by the Senate: Diversity and Outreach, Finance, Freshmen Leadership, Government Affairs, Marketing, Programming, Student Advancement, and Student Services.

Director of Diversity and Outreach: Jules Perrodin

Biography to added shortly.

Director of Finance: Preston Nieves

Director of Freshman Leadership: Jourdan Spence

Biography to be added shortly.

Director of Government Affairs: Alexa Browning

Director of Governmental Affairs Alexa Browning

Alexa Browning is a sophomore and is majoring in Public Administration with a minor in Criminal Justice. She is currently serving in the role of President for the College Democrats of Texas State University after serving as the Vice President last year. This experience has taught her about local politics and is what caused her to apply for Director of Government Affairs. Alexa hopes that through her position she can increase voter turnout on campus and get students more interested in politics. President Ruben Becerra believes that Alexa Browning will be a great addition to the Cabinet after the advancement of former Director Alison Castillo. Senator Browning contains an advanced knowledge about campaigning for political office. Due to her knowledge and experience she will be of great help in Student Government’s efforts to increase the voter turnout for National, State, local, and Student Government elections.


Director of Marketing: Monnette Villarreal

Director of Marketing Monnette Villarreal

Monnette Villarreal is a sophomore pursuing a B.S. in Biochemistry. Monnette's experience with Student Government began with Freshman Council serving as the Clerk of the Council. In her position Monnette is thrilled to rebrand the image of Student Government through progressive changes to our Social Media and physical image. Not only will Monnette help create a new and portrayal of Student Government she is also tasked with providing information to the Student Body on behalf of the Senate and is working diligently to ensure truthful and speedy communication to the Student Body.


Director of Programs: Gabby Garza

Director of Student Advancement: Matthew Gonzales

Matthew is currently a sophomore pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Physics with a minor in Public Administration. His participation with Student Government began as a freshman. He served as the Chairman of Freshman Council. Prior to my appointment to the Director of Student Advancement Matthew served as the Senator of the College of Science and Engineering, the Director of Freshman Leadership, and the Chief of Staff. Matthew is ecstatic to begin his work on improving Student's life by taking improving relations between the student body, the faculty, staff, and alumni while improving the pride and traditions of this university.

Director of Student Services: Catherine Wicker

Biography to be added shortly.