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Round Rock Campus Representation

About your Student Government

The Student Government of Texas State University, including the Round Rock Campus, is the officially recognized organization where students are given a voice in university policy decisions. The Student Government consists of the Student Body President, Student Body Vice President, Senate and Graduate House. Included in the Senate is a seat for an Ex-officio Senator from Round Rock.

About the Round Rock Ex-Officio Senator

The Round Rock Ex-officio Senator seat is currently vacant. We are accepting applications for the position, here

Each year a student who is enrolled in all or most of his/her credit hours at the Round Rock Campus is selected to represent the interests of Round Rock students.

The purpose of this position is to collect the opinions of our Round Rock constituents and provide their voice via debate and discussion through legislation in the Student Senate.

If you are interested in becoming the Round Rock Ex-Officio Senator, please apply here.

You may reach out to a Round Rock staff member at