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Supreme Court Orders and Opinions

The term "opinions," as used here, refers to several types of writing by the Justices, including majority and minority opinions. However, all the Court's actions and remedies are prescribed in a written majority order and opinion and are documented below.

The Court may also dispose of cases in per Curiam opinions, which do not identify the author. These opinions frequently resolve cases summarily, often without oral argument.

All orders are binding on members of the Student Government or those seeking office therein. The written opinion provides insight into the Court's justification. It establishes a decision-making framework based on stare decisis or precedent, which guides the Court in making decisions on similar cases in the future.

Each set of cases is categorized by the presiding Chief Justice during the issuance of the order and opinion.

Supreme Court Orders and Opinions under the previous Constitutions are viewable under the Supreme Court Reporter link.

Wosnig's Court

JM No. 2021-01 Chief Justice Election (PDF, 47 KB)
A Judicial Memorandum appointing Justice Valerie K. Wosnig to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Frank Cadoree's Court

Injunction Relief No. 08-07 (PDF, 63 KB)
Senator Cody DeSalvo applied for Injunction Relief, hereafter referred to as the Petitioner upon the possibility the Supreme Court cannot find a time to meet and make a decision on his attached petition for an Advisory Opinion before August 24, 2020, at midnight, as stated in his request for an Advisory Opinion that the subject matter was time-sensitive.
Request for Relief Denied.
Judicial Memorandum No. 2020-01 Chief Justice Election (PDF, 44 KB)
A Judicial Memorandum appointing Justice William I Frank Cadoree to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
AO No. 2020-01 Establishment of Inspector General and Whistleblower Complaint Form (PDF, 188 KB)
An Administrative Order establishing the Inspector General Office and Anonymous Compliance Complaint Form or known as “Whistleblower complaint Form”.
Adviosry Opinion Request Case No. 01-01 (PDF, 234 KB)
Advisory Opinion request filed by Mr. Cody DeSalvo related to does the Election Board keep their position if the 2014 Constitution did not specifically set a term limit for the Election Board and they did not resign from their position when the 2020 Constitution became in effect on August 24th,
Advisory Opinion Request Case No. 01-03 (PDF, 138 KB)
An Advisory Opinion Request filed by Mr. Cody DeSalvo related to Supreme Court appointments, when should the seats be filled, and when should the seats be vacated.
Notice of Complaint Case No. 01-04 (PDF, 95 KB)
A Complaint filed by Ms. Kelly Torpey, Ms. Regina Macias, and Mr. Matthew Gonzales related to misinformation and lack of transparency on the Student Government Website.
Kelly TORPEY, et al., v. Catching VALENTINIS-DEE
Majority Opinion Case No. 01-01 (PDF, 94 KB)
Court Order and Opinion resolving the Advisory Opinion Request Case. No 01-01
Court order and opinion Case No. 01-02 revision (PDF, 138 KB)
Majority Opinion concerning Cody DESALVO v. Andrew FLORENCE Case No. 01-02
Court order and opinion Case No. 01-04 (PDF, 189 KB)
Court Order and Opinion Case No. 01-04
Kelly TORPEY, et al., v Catching VALENTINIS-DEE
Court Order and Opinion Case No. 01-05 (PDF, 100 KB)
Court Order and Opinion Case No. 01-05 regarding
Court order and opinion Case No. 01-06 (PDF, 145 KB)
Court Order and Opinion Colton HALTER v. Catching VALENTINIS-DEE et al. Case No. 01-06 concerning proper posting of Senate individual voting record being publish on the Student Government website
Advisory Opinion 01-07 (PDF, 93 KB)
Advisory Opinion concerning proper implementation of the Student Government Seal. Supreme Court decision not to rule on case has it. References a conflict, and Advisory Opinions are not meant to solve conflicts.
Notice 01-06 (DOCX, 18 KB)
JM No. 2020-02 Recusal of Associate Justice Charles Guilhas from Case No. 01-02[944] (PDF, 109 KB)
Recusal of Associate Justice Guilhas from Case No. 01-02
JM No. 2020-03 Recusal of Chief Justice William Frank Cadoree from Case No. 01-07 (PDF, 105 KB)
Recusal of Chief Justice Frank Cadoree from Case No. 01-07
AO 2020.02 - Supreme Court Assumption of Election Board Duties (PDF, 150 KB)
Administrative Order authorizing the Supreme Court to assume the original jurisdiction and minimum administrative duties of the Election Board till they are properly appointed and confirmed.
Court Ordered Injunction Case No. 01-05 (PDF, 262 KB)
Court Ordered Injunction Case. No 01-05 granted by the Supreme Court temporary stopping Senate Parliamentarian election until Case. No 01-05 is heard before the Supreme Court.
Contempt of Court (PDF, 87 KB)