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Public Counsels Office

The Public Counsels Office serves as a resource for all students at Texas State University to use before the court. The Public Counsels Office is similar to a Public Defenders Office. The Chief Justice appoints the Public Counselors without the consent of the Senate. If you need help filing documents or would like a representative to argue before the Supreme Court, the Election Board or any lower court established by the Senate on your behalf, please contact:

Chief Public Counsel: Eliza E. Holguin

Eliza E. Holguin was appointed by Chief Justice William Frank Cadoree. Eliza is currently a Graduate Student pursuing a Masters of Arts in Legal Studies. Eliza’s future goal is to become an attorney. Excited about her new position as Chief Public Counsel, she is passionate about serving the students of Texas State. Eliza will ensure that students can make their voices and points heard in the courtroom, in order to ensure that the rules and regulations established by the University’s constitution is upheld with dignity and pride.

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Assistant Public Counsel: Vacant