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Student Body Vice President

Student Body Vice President's Welcome

Student Body Vice President Tucker Thompson
Student Body Vice President Tucker Thompson

Welcome Bobcats,

I am truly proud to have been given the opportunity to represent every student at Texas State University as your Student Body Vice President. I am a strong believer student engagement. Your involvement will ultimately make you have a greater experience here at Texas State by joining an organization or taking part in some of our biggest traditions on campus. 

This year under the Benbow-Thompson administration, we plan to dedicate ourselves to serving the students and our school. As Student Body Vice President, my goal is to make sure the voices of the students are heard. I plan to make sure the Student Government program succeeds any endeavors one reaches toward. We are always open to hearing the concerns from our students and upholding communication among everyone. We are always working toward, “Better Together,” and that is something we strive to ensure throughout the campus. 

I hope that the voices of every student can be heard through our administration. Student Government is the only organization that can voice the student concerns to the university administration so I hope you all take advantage of it. Together we can continue the legacy and make a lasting impact on the University. 

Eat Em’ Up Cats!

Tucker Thompson