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Candidates 2020

2020 Student Government Elections

LAST FIRST MAJOR candidate-statement-150-words-maximum POSITION
DeSalvo Cody Interdisciplinary Studies "Students First - Bobcats Forever" is demonstrated by the six pillars of our campaign: Diversity & Equity, Students' Voice, Health & Safety, Academics, Bobcat Pride, and Connections.

"Students First" is the concept that the students ARE the University, and that without students the university would not exist. Our central idea is that the university’s decision makers should meaningfully consult with and respond to the students and their elected leaders before they make decisions that affect their safety, their health, and their wallets.
Valentinis-Dee Catching Public Administration Hello Bobcat Family! My name is Catching Valentinis-Dee; I am running for the honor of serving as your Student Body President. Your vote for Andrew Florence and I will be a vote for a greater inclusive environment at Texas State University. #ADreamBobcatsCanBelieveIn President
Camargo Eduardo Political Science "Students First - Bobcats Forever" is demonstrated by the six pillars of our campaign: Diversity & Equity, Students' Voice, Health & Safety, Academics, Bobcat Pride, and Connections.

"Students First" is the concept that the students ARE the University, and that without students the university would not exist. Our central idea is that the university’s decision makers should meaningfully consult with and respond to the students and their elected leaders before they make decisions that affect their safety, their health, and their wallets.

Vice President
Florence Andrew Management Hello Bobcat Family! My name is Andrew Florence and I will be running to be your Vice-President. While being a part of Texas State University's Student Government I plan on playing a role in creating a more inclusive and enhanced Texas State of tomorrow. #ADreamBobcatsCanBelieveIn Vice President
Carrico Zachery Finance In running for senator I aim to maximize student involvement in many decision making areas. I believe that the student body is the most important part for making our university an exemplary standard for others to follow. In turn, the rules that govern this body should be a reflection and correction of the community and its standards. Students need to be more aware and involved with this process since it is such a fundamental part of our success here at Texas State University. Senator, At-large 1-year (8 available)
Harris Robert Electrical Engineering I found the encouragement to apply for the student senate while attending an honors course this past semester that dealt with public policy. Having the opportunity to be more involved with the inner workings of Texas State University seems like a fantastic opportunity that will not only give me a place to express important concerns and suggestions, but also develop attributes that will help me become a better leader. The upcoming spring 2020 semester will be my second here at Texas State and I feel the need to be more involved while I pursue my bachelors degree. I have always been the type of person that tries to improve upon anything I'm involved in whether it be volunteering in the latest San Marcos fall river clean up or being a student senator creating changes for the betterment of the student body that will have an impact even after I've graduated and moved on. Senator, At-large 1-year (8 available)
Retz Cody General Studies The student body deserves representatives who will not back down when facing pressure from the administration and who will advocate for the needs of the marginalized and the underrepresented. I feel that I can effectively advocate for these interests within the senate. I believe that the university can do more for students and I am dedicated to doing what is necessary to make sure that the students of Texas State University feel safe, valued, and included. Senator, At-large 1-year (8 available)
Simms Steven Economics My name is Steven Simms and I’m a transfer student beginning my second semester at Texas State. I’m happy I ended up in San Marcos and am enjoying my time here as a student. I’m hoping to join Student Government because I want to make sure the Texas State experience is as good as it possibly can be for everyone — regardless of whether they started their higher education here or are continuing it from somewhere else. As a transfer student, I am aware of the fact that some students struggle to acclimate to university life. By serving as an at-large senator, I’d like to help create and expand resources that help students build connections outside the classroom and make them feel at home on campus. I hope you’ll vote for me and join me in my effort to bring students together. Senator, At-large 1-year (8 available)
Adu-Nyako Kojo Political Science

As a senator at Texas state, my primary focus would be acting as a trustee for all the students of Texas State, ensuring that the interests of every Texas State student are advocated for, whilst concurrently attempting to bridge the gap between polarized groups of students and fighting to unite us as one university.

Senator, At-Large 2-year (15 available)
Anagbogu Kenny Management This year I served in Student Government on the Freshman Council. I was marketing chair, meaning I controlled the Freshman Council social media pages. While I was doing that, I also wrote 2 petitions to be read in the Senate: one about the renovation of desks in lecture halls and the other about reforming all University Seminar courses. I have experience working in Student Government and working alongside Senators and I would like to apply my experience by continuing to serve the students on this beautiful campus. Because of this, I would like to be considered for Senator and I will continue to work as hard as I possibly can.

Senator, At-Large 2-year (15 available)
Chalaire Grant Political Science I believe that if I was elected to be a senator in Student Government I would do a good job of taking all students views and backgrounds to help make Texas State a place where all students feel safe and ready to learn. My main goal would be to sponsor legislation that would make our campus a safer place for everyone. Senator, At-Large 2-year (15 available)
Gryce Andrew Finance My name is Andrew Gryce, and through the senator at-large position I look to ensure that the safety and culture of the student body is protected. Senator, At-Large 2-year (15 available)
Gurvitz Shoval Political Science I want to help students of all different backgrounds in any way that I can and to give a voice to those that may not be interested in Student Government. Senator, At-Large 2-year (15 available)
Halter Colton Economics As senator I have a proven record of fighting for students. I have passed legislation fighting for higher student worker wages, a fairer student labor system, affordable homework, and more. I have fought for all students and taken a stand against the administration. I fought to create a fairer, more just, Student Government through the creation of the new constitution and I'm not done fighting to create a better txst. Senator, At-Large 2-year (15 available)
Martinek Asher Political Science I am running for a Senatorial position in our student government with the hopes of helping our campus achieve an even higher standard of kinship and inclusivity for everyone on campus. I am very proud to be a Bobcat and sincerely hope to be apart of the solution to a friendlier, safer and more lively campus. Senator, At-Large 2-year (15 available)
Reed Joseph Political Science I’m running a positive campaign to address the needs of the student body. Senator, At-Large 2-year (15 available)
Smith Matthew Political Science I want to run to represent the students who I lead on a daily basis in my organizations and make life easier for students so they can focus on learning and fun. Senator, At-Large 2-year (15 available)
Storts Cassidy Interdisciplinary Studies I believe I am qualified for the Student Government position of Senator at Large, because I am a very organized individual who plans to use my organizational skills, leadership skills, personality, and non-partisan intelligence to make Texas State University a better, more productive environment for its students and staff. Senator, At-Large 2-year (15 available)
Young Jordan International Studies I am running for office to make a difference on campus, and to be a voice and advocate for all students you feel that their voices are not being heard. Senator, At-Large 2-year (15 available)
Morgan Hadley Ag Business & Management I wish to help Texas State become a better university for all of the students and future students. Senator, College of Applied Arts 2-year (1 available)
Galvan Jordyn Political Science As a student that roots from a passion and love for education and the Texas State Student body, I chose to run as a senator for the college of liberal arts to ensure students needs, both academically and personally are met and heard amongst those who can enact change. We are all just students on a fast paced journey to finding our careers and ourselves and sometimes we can feel unheard or not seen. It is my job as a future senator to listen to these concerns in and out of student government meetings and find ways to allow students to live and be the best them they can be.

I plan to bring in more opportunities for my fellow liberal arts students to network with the community, as well as with one another. I plan to bring environmental awareness and protection measures to our campus and our river. I plan to bring better nutrition to our students and ensure that those with all diets are being accommodated properly.

I plan to embrace our campus’ diversity and to find ways to express and share our roots with one another to build a more connected and bonded school community. I plan to advocate for better parking and transportation for Texas State Students. I plan to be your voice, our voice, in the large crowd of this beautiful school.
Senator, College of Liberal Arts 1-year (1 available)
Kaur Harkiran Computer Science This past May, I graduated with my degree in Microbiology and I am now pursuing my degree in Computer Science. I believe that this experience has familiarized me with the many different aspects of how the COSE works and what resources are currently available to us. If selected as ambassador, I would strive for our students to be known for their career-readiness in the STEM field. It is important that we have access to internships and education resources that will lead us to success and ensure we are prepared for the workforce after graduation. Senator, College of Science & Engineering 1-year (1 available)
Pata Hunter Engineering Technology To make Texas State Great Again. We have problems on and off campus that needs to be solved. Crime, safety, financial transparency, etc. It's time to make some needed changes in student government. God bless y'all! Senator, College of Science & Engineering 1-year (1 available)
Applewhite Matthew Accounting I look forward to working with other students and faculty to improve student and faculty life on campus. I want to be the ultimate team player in all student government affairs. By making student government a top priority in my life, I hope to be the reliable and understanding senator that all students need. I hope to lead in a way that not only my words, but my actions will follow. I thank all of you for this opportunity. Senator, McCoy College of Business Administration 1-year (1 available)
Mayen Christian Economics It would be an honor to represent, serve, and defend the values of this university and its student body. Moreover, it is paramount that the needs of the students and faculty is met as well as the future interests and prosperity of this institution. Senator, McCoy College of Business Administration 1-year (1 available)