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Election Board Application

Position Information

Qualifications - Election Board Member

Not hold a position, endeavor to run or be engaged in any activity campaigning for an elected position.

Be a graduate or undergraduate student who has completed at least one semester as a student.

Not be on academic or disciplinary probation.


Election Board members shall adhere to attendance policies as stated in the Election Code.
Demonstrate their knowledge of all relevant framing Student Government documents and have impartiality throughout their term of office.
Be prepared for and attend all Election Board Hearings.
Be able to understand and interpret the Election Code.
Read the Student Government Constitution.
Respect and abide the decisions of the majority.
Be able to meet time sensitive deadlines and flexible hours.
Maintain consistent communication with the Election Board Chair.
Be able to read, understand and write pseudo-legal documents.
Regularly check university email.
Be prepared to dress at least business casual to hearings and other meetings.
Comply with all Student Government Rules and Regulations
Attend a Dean of Students judicial training.


Normal Weekly Hourly Commitment: 5

During election session (Jan 1 - Feb. 30) this hourly commitment will fluctuate depending on need. Please be prepared to be flexible during this time period.


Applicants are expected to answer all questions truthfully and provide a cover letter and resume that highlights their skill in the areas outlined in the duties section of this application.

Election Board Chair

If you would like to be considered for Election Board Chair you will need to select as such below.

As Election Board Chair you will:

Be the primary point of contact for all Election Board business.

Monitor the Election Violation Complaint System.

Write memo's, Election Board Orders and conduct hearings.

Make sure all members are properly trained by the Dean of Students Office.

Other tasks as outlined in the Student Government Election Code.

Please note: If you are chosen to be the Election Board Chair the hourly commitment per week will increase depending on work load.