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Alexis Hawley

Alexis Hawley Headshot

Criminal Justice, College of Applied Arts

Graduate Research Assistant

Research Interests: Juror decisionmaking and Intimate Partner Violence

Hobbies: Traveling, binging crime documentaries, and floating the river with my Great Dane.

#1 Tip for Surviving Graduate School: Get a planner! Time management is crucial and being able to schedule your week helps not only to get things done but to also know when to make time for yourself!

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Prokash Deb Palash

Cody Brown Headshot

Agricultural Sciences, College of Applied Arts

Research Interests:  Aquaculture and Fisheries Economics

Hobbies:  Hiking, Badminton, Cricket, Table Tennis, Soccer, Biking.

#1 Tip for Surviving Graduate School: Once a wise man advised a grad student, "Do what you love or love what you do". That's the only mantra of survival.

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Liliana Renteria

Liliana Renteria Headshot

Exercise Science, College of Education

Graduate Research Assistant for the Metabolic and Applied Physiology Lab

Research Interests: Implementing dietary and exercise interventions to improve cardiometabolic health and performance.

Other Organizations: President of the Exercise Science Graduate Student Organization

Hobbies: Hiking, random road trips, baking, stargazing, and spending time at the beach.

#1 Tip for Surviving Graduate School: Don't be afraid to talk to your Advisor. They will help you in any way they can. Also, don't forget to prioritize your health-mental and physical health is important!

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James Dyer

Graduate House Parliamentarian 

Doctoral Program in Developmental Education, College of Education

Research Interests: Postsecondary Literacy

Hobbies: Biking, running, climbing, falling.

#1 Tip for Surviving Grad School: Don’t brag about staying up till 4 am to write that paper that you pushed off until the last minute. Brag about that time where you convinced your professor to give you an extension so that you could get some sleep. Also, teach your cat to cook your meals and write your dissertation for you. 

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Jorlanditha Austin

Jorlanditha Headshot

Co-chair, Budget +Finance Committee | Interim co-chair, Social Media + Technology Committee

Graduate College Outstanding Mentor Award Committee

Communication Studies, College of Fine Arts and Communication

Graduate Teaching Assistant - Communication Studies

Research Assistant - Translational Health

Research Interests: Interpersonal Communication between military couples, Nonverbal Communication, Organizational Communication

Other Organization: Communication Graduate Student Association

Hobbies: Cooking, reading, and laying on the beach.

#1 Tip for Surviving Graduate School: Always plan more time than you think you will need for any task. Give yourself a cushion. 

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Thi (T) Nguyen

Co-chair, Diversity + Inclusion Committee | Interim co-chair, Social Media + Technology Committee

Graduate College Outstanding Mentor Selection Committee Member

Communication Design Master's Program, College of Fine Arts and Communication

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Research Interests: Design literacy, human-centered design, and data-driven graphic design.

Other Organization: American Institute of Graphic Design (AIGA)

Hobbies: Drinking coffee, being outdoors, people watching, practicing contemporary dance and hand-lettering, playing sports/music, and watching dog videos. 

#1 Tip for Surviving Graduate School: Be patient with your success, be kind and sleep tight!

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Leah Frye

Lorraine Lobo headshot

Chair Campus Life Committee 

Healthcare Administration, College of Health Professions

Graduate Instructional Assistant 

Research Interests: Strategic Management, Healthcare Quality, & Public Health

Other Organization: American College of Health care Executives, Healthcare Leadership Coalition, National Intramural-Recreational Association 

#1 Tip for Surviving Graduate School: Study hard, make the most of your resources, and remember to take a step back and experience life. 

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Joanna Fohn

Joanna Fohn Headshot

Graduate Student Representative for the Graduate Council  | Graduate Student Representative for the University Leadership Assembly

Healthcare Administration, College of Health Professions

Graduate Instructional Assistant

Research Interests: Public health, Health Information Systems, & Strategic Management

Other Organizations: Healthcare Leadership Coalition, Case Competition Team, American College for Healthcare Executives, Healthcare Financial Management Association

Hobbies: Hiking, traveling, playing with my dog, and attending concerts and music festivals. 

#1 Tip for Surviving Grad School: Be able to prioritize your tasks in order to manage your time effectively.

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Taylor Mireles

Taylor Mireles Headshot

Graduate Student Representative for the Council on Inclusive Excellence |

Co-Chair for the Social Media + Technology Committee | Co-Chair for the Diversity + Inclusion Committee

Graduate Student Representative for the Presidential Aware for Excellence in Teaching Committee

Sociology, College of Liberal Arts

Graduate Assistant - Center for Diversity and Gender Studies

Research Interests: Media & Culture, Criminal Justice, Gender Studies, Inequality, Education, and Religion

Other Organization:  Sociology Graduate Student Association

Hobbies: Going to the movies, watching TV, skateboarding, basketball, and hanging out with friends.

#1 Tip for Surviving Grad School: Find little moments for self-care each day.

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ally badge

Jokwon Babgby

Graduate Instructional assistant
Master's in Spanish Lit., Poetry, & Linguistics, College of Modern Languages 

Research Interests: Al-Andalus

Hobbies: Sports, Music & trokiando 


#1 Tip for Surviving Grad School: Work along with your colleagues and communicate with each other every week 


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Jessica L Chung

Human Resource Management, McCoy College of Business

Research Interests:

Other Organizations:

#1 Tip for Surviving Graduate School:

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Nishant Gurung

Nishant Gurung Headshot

Graduate House Leader

Co-Chair Budget + Finance Committee

Masters in Computer Science, College of Science and Engineering

Graduate Assistant

Research Interests: Data Structures & Algorithms

Hobbies: Cooking, Reading Books and Watching Sci-Fi Movies. 

#1 Tip for Surviving Graduate School: Acknowledge your past, embrace your present, and prepare for your future 

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ally badge

Ashley Brown

McCoy College of Business M.B.A. program

Media Director & Head Coach at Tri-County Volleyball Association

Other Organizations: Local Business Owner of Brownie Photography & Production

Hobbies:  Volleyball, hiking, swimming, running, dancing, painting, film, and photography

#1 Tip for Surviving Graduate School:  Focus on Time management & take some time for yourself to keep your mental health in check.

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