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Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Jules Perrodin

Jules Perrodin is a sophomore pursuing a B.A. in Political Science with a minor in International Studies. Jules’s first experience with Student Government started with becoming the Chairman of Freshman Council. With his new position as Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, rebranding the image of Student Government and Texas State University as a whole, is one of the many goals that will be accomplished this upcoming year. He also plans to represent the underrepresented students and organizations through campus outreach and inclusivity. 


Director of Finance: Brittlin Richardson


Director of Government Affairs: Eduardo Camargo

Eduardo Camargo is a junior pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and minoring in Honors Studies. Eduardo became involved with Student Government in Spring 2019 when he was appointed to a two-year term in the Student Senate. As a member of the Student’s Rights Committee, his goal is to improve the political climate on campus and develop an overall more positive environment at Texas State. As Director of Government Affairs, his goal is to work with the San Marcos City Council and University Administration to promote sustainability and responsible waste management throughout the campus community and the greater San Marcos area.

Director of Programming: Kelly Torpey

Director of Student Services: Catherine Wicker

Director of Student Services
Catherine Wicker is a first year Grad Student majoring in Public Administration. She is currently serving as the President of Texas College Democrats in addition to her student government position. Over the next year her goal is to make sure that the Texas State Community are getting the chance to have access to all the needed resources so they can be the best bobcats ever! She is excited for this next year in Student Government and can’t wait to work with all of you to get to know the bobcat students.

Director of Marketing and Outreach: Matthew Gonzales

Director of Marketing, Matthew Gonzales
Matthew is currently a Junior pursuing a Bachelors of Public Administration with a minor in Physics. His participation with Student Government began as a freshman. He served as the Chairman of Freshman Council. Prior to his appointment to the Director of Marketing and Outreach, Matthew served as the Senator of the College of Science and Engineering and wanted to focus on developing opportunities for students to develop the professional self to increase their employment out of graduation, the Director of Freshman Leadership, wanting to increase Freshmen participation in Student Government and bringing mentor based education into the Council, and the Chief of Staff, establishing a priority for Student Government to create a more stable continuity and expand the website. Matthew is ecstatic to begin his work on improving Student's life by improving relations between the student body, the faculty, staff, and alumni while improving the pride and traditions of this university and retention of students.

Senate Pro-Tempore: James Tichy

James Tichy
James Tichy is a senior conferring a dual degree in Public Administration and Anthropology. He is the current Senate Pro-Tempore and sits on the Governmental Affairs Commission in hopes of forming closer ties not only with San Marcos City Council but all levels of local government from the public library to the city planner's office. In this capacity, he hopes to increase  representation of students in local government, open up more resources, and address the needs of the campus at a local level. In addition to student government, James is also an active member in Texas State Club Tennis and the Political Director for College Democrats at Texas State. He is excited to build foundations to improve the welfare of students as they navigate through higher education.

Graduate House Leader: Nishant Gurung

Nishant Gurung is a graduate student majoring in Computer Science. He is currently serving as Graduate House Leader for The Graduate House of Representatives for Student Government at Texas State. Nishant has worked closely with Graduate House Representatives in the past semester acquiring a keen insight about the Graduate House and the Student Government affairs. As a Graduate House Representative, Nishant hopes to better reach out to his constituents and promote awareness about the Graduate House and the Student Government among the general student body; providing opportunities and avenues for students interested in Student Government to get involved. As Graduate House Leader, Nishant will work closely with the Student Government President and the Cabinet to promote a cohesive relationship between the House and the Senate and create a constructive support network between Senate and House members.

Chief Justice: William Frank-Cadoree

William Frank-Cadoree was appointed by President Corey Benbow. He is currently a Senior pursuing a B.A. in Political Science with a minor in History. He has served on the Supreme Court for a year in the Associate Justice capacity before becoming Chief Justice. As Chief Justice William Frank-Cadoree will ensure experience in the leadership of the court through its navigation of the Constitution.