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Subcommittees are committees that meet on a regular basis to discuss topic or concern. You do not have to be a house representative to join a subcommittee. All graduate students are encouraged to apply!

House Committees

Permanent committees chaired by House Representatives are listed below. 

The Committee for Diversity & Inclusion (CDI) is a subcommittee of the Graduate House that focuses on issues of equality and social justice on our campus and within the community at large. This committee is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for Texas State students to participate in social impact projects as well as implement actions. The CDI shall review all legislation regarding issues of student diversity and inclusion including, but not limited to, programs, activities, and initiatives. The CDI shall also serve as a valuable resource to the Graduate House on all matters associated with student diversity and inclusion. Being part of this community allows one to make positive changes within campus life. Everyone is welcome at our meetings — we believe that all ideas matter.

Co-Chairs: Ethan Van Gorkom

Campus Life

The Campus Life Committee shall focus efforts on addressing campus concerns and issues expressed by any and all students attending Texas State University. This committee is charged with bringing all of these matters to the House to determine best course of action in order to bring these matters regarding campus life to the attention to appropriate administration. Furthermore, the Campus Life Committee shall serve as a valuable resource to the House on all matters associated with the improvement of campus life.

Chairpersons: Katherine Heinemann

Social Media + Technology

The Social Media and Technology Committee shall focus efforts on gaining and growing interest in the Student Government and the House through an online presence with the use of social media. The SMTC shall review all legislation concerning social media issues concerning the House including, but not limited to, the use of social media and implementation of new technology platforms within social media by the House, and shall recommend to the House action upon all potential outward-reaching communications for the House.

Co-Chairs: TBD

Budget + Finance Committe

The Budget and Finance Committee is charged with advising the House on matters concerning the financial affairs of the House, creating and maintaining fiscal responsibility while acting as a control function for discretionary spending in the House. The role shall include, but not be limited to, assessing the financial impact of policies and activities within the House, monitoring the House’s financial activities, and undertaking other appropriate projects as requested.

Co-Chairs: Jeremy David and Gentry Atkinson

Graduate Student Employee

The Graduate Student Employee Relations Committee focuses on the graduate students employed by the university, including working conditions, pay, benefits, discipline procedures, and other labor-related issues. The Committee is charged to work as collaboratively with the University administration where possible, provide resources to news to graduate student workers, provide an open forum for graduate student workers to bring their thoughts, concerns, suggestions, or grievances to Graduate House and to honestly and directly advocate the position of graduate workers to the Texas State University administration.

Chair: Delaney Morton

Campus Committees

House Representatives are often asked to serve on various committees formed on campus. These committees are usually tasked with addressed a particular initiative, issue, or change on campus. 

University Committees

Council on Inclusive Excellence


Graduate Council

Gentry Atkinson

 University Leadership Assembly


Alkek Library Advisory Board


Occupational Safety and Health Committee


 Graduate College Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award


 Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Committee


 Muir Mentoring Awards Selection Committee


Managing Textbook Costs Committee


Temporary Committees + Task Forces


You can also find us volunteering at...

Graduate Student Orientation

Graduate Student Appreciation Week

The International Research Conference for Graduate Students

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