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House Representatives

College Student Program Email
College of Applied Arts Jaime Trevino Criminal Justice
College of Applied Arts Prokash Deb Palash Agricultural Sciences
College of Education Simmi Chadha Student Affairs in Higher Education
College of Education James Dyer Developmental Education
College of Fine Arts and Communication Andi Ivins Music Composition

College of Fine Arts and Communication Morgan Cessac Communication Studies

College of Health Professions Leah Frye Healthcare Administration
College of Health Professions Elizabeth Flores Healthcare Administration
College of Liberal Arts Rex Wyatt Political Science
College of Liberal Arts Natasha Beck-King History

McCoy College of Business Jessica L. Chung Human Resource Management
McCoy College of Business Ashley Brown MBA
College of Science and Engineering Nishant Gurung Computer Science
College of Science and Engineering Chandan Howlader Materials Science, Engineering, and Commercialization