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Roundtable Ask Your Administrator 2021

After not receiving enough interest in the 2021 Ask Your Administrator week, this semester's Ask Your Administrator event series has been cancelled.

Roundtable is an event hosted by Student Government and has members from administrative and student services in attendance including President Trauth, the Provost, Transportation Services, University Police, Athletics, and many more. The purpose of Roundtable is for students to have a dialogue with prominent figures on campus over upcoming events or initiatives of the school or their department, as well as to address any questions students may have. 

This spring semesters Roundtable will be a week-long event showcasing our administrators. 

Through the years....

Bobcats United: Fall 2016 Round Table

In 2016 the semi-annual Round Table event became part of the Bobcats United Town Hall Series. Pictures from the Bobcats United: Fall 2016 Roundtable can be seen below. More information on our Bobcats United series can be found here.