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Bobcats United

Bobcats United: Town Hall Series

Bobcats United is a town hall series hosted by Student Government aimed towards increasing discussion, dialogue, and discourse. With the ultimate goal of bringing about unity to the San Marcos community. The program was established by the Homann-Martinez administration in 2016.


Authorized by S.B. 2016-2017 .03

Bobcats United: Where Black Lives Meet Blue Lives

September 12th 2016: Homann-Martinez Administration

The inaugural town hall in the Bobcats United series created a dialogue between law enforcement, San Marcos community, and the student body.  

Bobcats United: Where Political Minds Meet

November 7th 2016: Homann-Martinez Administration

The second town hall in the Bobcats United series was a political organization debate. The town hall was the day before Election Day 2016, and aimed to bring cordial discussion about political ideologies.

Bobcats United: Breaking The Silence

April 03 2017: Homann-Martinez Administration

The third and final Bobcats United town hall during the Homann administration brought students across campus together to discuss with experts ways to break the silence surrounding sexual assault on our campus.