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Voter Registration and Information

Be a Voter.

When you vote, you have an impact. When you don’t vote, the system still impacts you.

October 9

Last day to register to vote

October 22

First day of early voting

November 6

Election Day

 Hey there, just to let you know — if you have moved since the last time you registered (even within the same county!), you must change your voter registration address. It's weird, we know. Go here to change your voter registration within the same county. If this is your first time registering, you can do that here.

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Does voting even matter?

Your vote matters because *every* vote makes a difference. In a democracy like America, it takes all of us to build the political system. Make sure that you’re registered to vote and know when the next election is (hint: it's November 6).

Representatives represent you

Elected representatives work for us, the people they represent. They get paid from part of our taxes, and they decide how to spend other parts of our taxes. Your votes on current issues give them the feedback they need to represent you and spend your money.

Voting in College
What's on the ballot

To find your sample ballot, visit Vote 411 or your county election office's website. Here's the Hays County election site.

Pro Tip

You can bring notes with you into the voting booth! We recommend printing your sample ballot so that as you research candidates and issues ahead of the election, you can fill it out as you go. Then on the day you go to the polls, you've already got everything you need.

Not all the races and candidates listed below will be on your ballot, which is why we recommend getting a sample ballot tailored to your address. If you are already registered to vote, you can find what precinct you are in here.

Information updated 8/31/2018

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