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Freshman Council Application

Freshman Council Application

Freshman Council is a part of Student Government at Texas State University. This is a great opportunity for Freshman students to get involved in leadership activities and charitable projects preparing them to be active and successful members of Student Government and to be successful leaders outside of the organization. Freshman Council is the voice of the Freshman Class, and through petitions and by working directly with the Student Body President, Freshman Council members are given the ability to help bring forth change for the Freshman Class. Through events such as Freshman Forum, Freshman Council members will be regularly reaching out to members of their class and engaging the students of Texas State University alongside Senators and Graduate House Representatives helping them to advocate for the Student Body.


Freshman Council meetings will be held every Monday from 6:00pm – 7:00pm.

The selection process will be based off of your application, resume, and interview.

For any questions please contact Director of Freshman Leadership Sierra Clark at



Normal Weekly Hourly Commitment: 5
Attend every Freshman Council meeting.


Applicants are expected to answer all questions truthfully and provide a resume that highlights their skills.